life is filled with
music and love

with beautiful sound while playing
and high cost performance

light up your passion
with harmonica sound

EASTTOP for professional harmonica, used by especial
sounding reeds,it can equal the especial products in quality.

play the melody
with breath

try all best to make our company to be world-class
in musical instrument manufacture field.

Jiangsu East Musical instrument co.,ltd

So far through our well-built brand “EASTTOP” harmonica, it’s with full range and rich in products. The tremolo, chromatic, blues, alto, octave, bass, chord, Disheng ect harmonica, have great tone, strong representation and long service life, it’s accepted by more and more domestic and international harmonica players, which can be compared with especial harmonicas. Many famous harmonic a team already used EASTTOP harmonicas instead of especial one, and have received excellent performance reception.

Promoting the Development of
Harmonica Music

East Musical instrument United Nations International and Domestic Harmonica Musicians and Harmonica Groups have sponsored and successfully held two Chinese Harmonica Art Festivals, Huaxia harmonica festival and 12th Asia Pacific Harmonica Festival in 2018, organized and published school-based teaching materials of Harmonica, and published Chinese Harmonica magazines, which have been distributed in Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Good social effects have been achieved.
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EASTTOP brand story
Easttop's founder Kong Wenzhong followed his father’s footsteps. Mr. Kong's father was the general manager of the Suzuki sino-Japanese joint venture at that time. He was a good command of making harmonicas. He had extremely strict requirements for the quality of the products and pursued perfection. The business philosophy of "enjoy reputation from high quality products, and paying attention to both management and service" he admire is still what our Easttop factory have been working hard to do so far. Under such an intense influence, Mr. Kong started from the grassroots and proficient in the various processes of the harmonica. He knew how to do a good harmonica. We can say Mr Kong is the only boss who is proficient in all the processes of making harmonicas in China harmonica factories. More important is that he has a spirit of persistence in learning. Under his leadership, all our Easttop staff continue to explore a new height of quality. Easttop quality improvement and good reputation both at home and overseas, which is enough to prove this. He is good at collecting the good suggestions from harmonica players and the harmonica professionals, and is willing to continue to try and explore, making the Easttop brand better and better!
It is said that Easttop is good quality with better price, because our goal is to be make a high quality harmonica at an affordable price.
In other words, Easttop has always give benefits to consumers and let consumers get benefits! EASTTOP staff entrusts the emotions of Easttop harmonicas, and Easttop is a harmonica brand based on warmth and on caring!
  • good quality
  • affordable price
  • good reputation
  • continue to explore

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