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EMP-12 Chromatic Harmonica 12 Hole 48 Tone Aluminum Comb
Rich sound, responsive, airtightness, comfortable - the precision-made Aluminum Comb with phosphor bronze reed&1.2mm thickness reed plate is easier to get the higher pitch, rich sound and timbre. The reed plate with electroplating antirust, the hole, reed gap is better after electroplating.
Round mouth piece design- round mouth piece with smooth edges for easy sliding , you will feel comfortable when playing, easy to use the skill , giving the performer a new experience. Beautiful packaging -The package is exquisitely zipper case and can be used as a birthday present, a gift to your friend, parents, a holiday souvenir or a business meeting gift, wedding anniversary etc.
Performer with Aluminum comb is EASTTOP’s great chromatic model featuring industry leading specs and made with a high corrosion resistant. Lustrous Aluminum comb that is lighter than steel.This chromatic model is solo tuned featuring a 3-octave range staring at middle C. Phosphor bronze reeds are profiled for industry leading response and durability while special wind-saving valves and the comb design promote response and sound projection which are second to none.
Package includes 1x harmonica ; 1x manual; 1x cleaning cloth; 1x zipper case; 1x spare parts(screw,valve,rubber,spring); 1x colourful box. We are the harmonica manufacturer of the East top brand. Backed Up with East top 30 Days Unconditional Money Back . You can rest assured to buy our products.
Key: A, B, C, D, E, F, G, Ab, Bb, Db, Eb, F SHAPE
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